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The signifies an IP Address here. This is a logical number or IP Address which is given by IANA authority. This IP Address is generally used in Business Computer Networks instead of Local networks where IP Addresses like & 192.168.x.x Range IP Addresses are used.

Further, we can classify this IP as a Private IP Address which can be used as a Default IP Address of a piece of the network. The IP Address as given above can also be classified as the IPv4 type IP. This IP Address is also used as the Default Router IP Address by some manufacturers like Cisco, Infinity & Comcast etc.

How to connect with IP?

If the router is using the IP Address as the Default Router IP then we can easily access the admin panel of the router. We will have to use the procedure as given below to access the admin panel.

  • Turn on the router.
  • make the device connected with the router.
  • Now open any browser in the device.
  • Type in the search bar & hit enter.
  • Now the admin login console will open.
  • Fill the details of Default Username & password & hit enter. If the default router username password didn’t work then try to Retrieve/Reset Password.
  • The admin panel will now be accessible.

Default Username & password for routers using IP

As we have stated earlier that various router uses this IP Address as the default router IP. So these manufacturers will also provide the Default Username & Password for the first time use. The user will need to change these terms at the time of first use. Some of the Default Username & passwords are as follows.

  • admin/password
  • User/public
  • User/User
  • Cisco/Cisco
  • admin/admin
  • cusadmin/highspeed

If the users have some doubts in relation to the details of the IP Address then they must leave a comment below. We will get back to them very soon with various details.

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