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As we can see that the numbers which are written above are some sort of IP Address. These numbers provide the details of the Internet Address which a device is using. It can also be taken as the Internet protocol Address of the device in the networking world. The device will be able to send or receive information over the internet using this address. It can also be defined as the Private IP Address as the address is generally used within a private network. It is also clearly visible that this IP Address belongs to the IPv4 version of the IP Addresses.

In this article, we will discuss various uses of this IP Address & about other aspects of this IP Address. So the users must follow us to get these details.

Use of IP Address

The IP Address as depicted above is used for various purposes. Some of the common uses of this IP Address are listed below.

  • many manufacturers like Netgear, Alcatel etc use this as default router IP.
  • It can also be used as the Default Gateway.
  • Can also assign this IP Address to the devices like printer etc in a local network.

There are various other uses for this IP Address. We will also provide those to the users later.

How a device gets IP Address?

We know that every device which is using an internet connection will have an IP Address. The method of allocation of the IP Address can be different. Some of the methods through which a device can get the IP Address as depicted above are as follows.

  • If the device or network is running on DHCP model then the device will get this IP Address as Dynamic IP Address.
  • The network administrator can also assign this IP Address to the device then this IP Address will be called as the Static IP Address.


Static IP vs Dynamic IP

These are some of the details in relation to this IP Address. If the users have some doubts then let us know via the comments section.

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