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By | May 18, 2019

The is a Private IP Address which is assigned by the Internet Services Provider (ISP) to the Router in a network. The router further assigns the IP Addresses to the devices which will connect with it. This IP Address will act as the Default Gateway to connect with the internet. In other words, it will act as the intermediate between the user’s device & the internet. Sometimes the user also experiences the login error in accessing the admin panel of the router. Therefore the users must check the article to get the details of Login Error. Login Error

The Administrators can manage the various settings of the router & the internet connections using this IP Address. Sometimes, the users encounter Login Error while logging in to the admin panel. There can be various reasons for this. Some of the reasons are as follows.

  • is not the Default Gateway (IP Address).
  • Admin Login ID & Passwords are not Correct.
  • The is not spelt correctly.
  • Router not connected to power source etc.

What to do in Login Error?

Sometimes the users face the admin login error situation in their devices. The users will have to take some corrective steps to log in if they have encountered login error. Some of the steps are as follows.

  • Check whether the router is plugged in the Power source. Login Error

  • Chack whether the router is properly connected with the modem.

  • Make sure that is your Default IP Address. You can check it from the Router itself. It will written over the router or in the manual kit of the router.
  • Check that the device you are using is connected with the Wifi or ethernet cable.
  • Search for the in the search bar.

The steps as given here will help the users to overcome the situation of the admin login error. Thus the users must follow these details to rectify the solution. Users can also contact us if they have any type of doubt in the details as given here.

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