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192.168.01 is actually a wrong IP Address and correct IP for 192.168.01 is

The is the default IP address of many routers like D-Link and Netgear192.168.01 is second most used default IP address used after

192.168.01 is Private IP and cannot be assigned to devices linked to your home/office router. is required to access the Admin panel web interface of your router. belongs to IPv4 range of IP address.

How to connect with 192.168.01

You need to have administrative rights to connect with 192.168.01. If you have access to 192.168.01, that means full control of the network of your office or home. Hence why administrative access is required to login into Kindly note somewhere we are using 192.168.01 and at some place, we have used, please do no get confused. As mentioned above 192.168.01 is not correct IP but the article is related to 192.168.01, hence the same term is being used here.

Please find below steps to access

Step1: Switch on your router by connecting to any power or battery.

Step2: Identity a device through which you want to access 192.168.01. admin panel can be accessed from any browser like Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. You can use any other browser also, there is no restriction on the use of the browser. The browser can be accessed from devices like Computer, Laptop, Macbook, iPad, Tablet, Smart Phone etc. Use any of the devices mentioned in this paragraph

Step3: Connect the device to your Router/ ASDL Model through Ethernet Cable or WiFi. WiFi can be used in all the devices except old computers. WiFi can be used on computers also through external WiFi connected through USB. Ethernet Cable option can be used only for Computer and Laptop. Once connected, you will see a yellow light in the Lan port of device and router. In the case of WiFi, you can see the connected connection name in the WiFi section of your device.

Step4: Open any browser mentioned in step 2 and type Press enter post that

Step5: Login page of Admin console will be displayed where credentials will be asked.

If you are not getting Admin page ever after performing above steps. kindly read the article till the end where we have shared troubleshooting steps. Admin login screen will look as below


Why Credentials are asked for 192.168.01 Admin

As explained above, if any user has access to IP, he will have administrative access of your router. He can control complete network like change WiFi Password and many more if security is not enabled on Hence credentials are required to have proper security of your router. There are many more settings which can be done with explained in below sections.

Difference between Admin Password and WiFi Password

This is a very basic doubt between users having WiFi at home or offices. Kindly note that Admin Password and WiFi Password is different. WiFi Password is nothing but when you have hosted a network and any device can connect to that network using WiFi.

To connect to that network, users might need to enter the password. This password can be used only to connect to WiFi and access the internet. Router settings cannot be changed with this password however basic details can be retrieved like Default Gateway

, Subnet Mask, DNS etc. Admin password is required to access admin panel where you manage the whole network. The user can change WiFi Name, WiFi Password, Default Gateway IP Address etc.

The difference can be explained with a day to day example. Assume that there are two keys for a car, one for opening the door and other for starting the engine and other stuff. So with the first key, only the door can be opened and you can sit inside the car but not drive but with the second key, you can drive also. The first key is WiFi Password whereas the second key is Admin Password. Still having an issue, check the Difference Between Wifi Admin & Wifi Password.

Click here to Retrieve/Reset Password of

Not Able to Access 192.168.01

Even after performing steps in “How to connect with 192.168.01“, you are getting a page like “Page not found” or “Site cannot be reached“, please follow below steps to troubleshoot 192.168.01 Login Error.

Step1: Check the connection between router and device. If the device is connected through WiFi, restart both device and router. If connected through Ethernet Cable, replug the cable again. Also, make sure, the router is properly connected to power. This a very basic hardware connectivity check which should be first thing in case 192.168.01 Admin Login is not working.

Step2: Make sure HTTP:// is appended in front of We would suggest to directly click on hyperlink

Step3: Kindly check if Default IP Address is correctly spelt. As mentioned above, is correct IP and not 192.168.01

Step4: If any Antivirus, Firewall, the proxy is not restricting access to Try to disable all these and try again

Step5: Try to use another device. If any other device is not available, try to open default gateway IP in other browsers.

Step6: Make sure that is the default gateway of your router. To know how to check default gateway IP address, click on below link based on your operating system. We have explained step by step through screenshots.

  1. Windows
  2. Android
  3. iOS
  4. Mac OS
  5. Linux/Unix 

If your Operating system is other than mentioned above, please comment below and we will share steps for same.

Below screen will be visible in case the default gateway is not accessible from your device.

192.168.01 Admin Login

If the user has forgotten the default router password, then the user must check the Router Default Password List

Configuration Accessible from 192.168.01 Admin Console

As mentioned above, complete configuration of your router can be done through Admin console, if is your default gateway. Please find below a list of settings which can be modified. If you want to know in detail for each setting, click on the hyperlink. Kindly note that these are advanced settings and should be modified only if you have complete details. You can refer router manual also for same.


How this IP Address can be acquired by Device?

The devices in a local network can easily acquire this IP Address. The router will assign this IP Address to the device mainly in two ways. Those two ways are as follows.

in the second method, the admin can assign this IP to the device from the admin panel of the router. For that, the admin must access the admin panel using the admin username & password.

Router Brands having as Default Gateway

There are many brands across the world which uses as the default gateway. is most used default IP address after Here is a list of some popular routers using as IP address.

  • Netgear
  • D-LINK
  • Sitecom
  • 2WIRE

We have tried our best to explain each and every detail related to 192.168.01. In case, still your problem persists, kindly comment below with full description in below format and our experts will reply in 3 hours.



Router Name

Model Name

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