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Every day we use the internet on our mobile phones, laptops etc. Sometimes we hear a word IP Address. Many of the users don’t know what an IP Address actually is. Sometimes we also see a term as IP Address of our device. This number is a Class C IPv4 IP Address. According to the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IANA, this IP Address is reserved for use in Private or Local Networks. This the reason why it is called the Private IP Address. Here we will discuss various aspects in relation to this IP Address. So you must check the details as given below.

Why IP Address is so common?

As we have stated above that this IP Address is reserved for the Private Network use. So this IP Address can be found in the various local networks where the router of the network uses to range. Despite this, the IP Address will remain unique for a device in the local network. This is the main reason why this IP Address is common all over the world.

Accessing admin panel of a router having Default IP

Many router manufacturers also use this IP Address as the default IP of their routers. Some of the router manufacturers are TP-Link, Netgear, Cisco, Tenda etc. If your router also uses this IP Address as the Default IP then you must follow the procedure as given below to access the admin panel of the router.

  • you will have to make an internet connection with the network as served by the router.
  • Now open a browser in the device.
  • From here type in the search bar & browse.
  • Now the admin login UI will open depending upon the router model or make.
  • Fill all the login details & click on login.

These are some of the details of the IP Address. For further details, leave a comment below.

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