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The is a Private IP Address most commonly used in a Local Network. The routers on a Home Network having as default IP can use this IP Address. This IP Address is assigned by the routers to any device on its local network.

What is Private IP Address?

The Private IP Addresses are those IP Address which are used in a private network. These IP Addresses cannot be accessed over the internet. A Private IP Address can only be accessed by the device on the private network. The devices on a private network do not directly connect with the internet. They connect with the internet through a public IP Address assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Assignment of

The devices which will have DHCP support will be able to get the Dynamic IP Address ( from the router. The routers which are set up for the range of to will automatically assign the IP Address to the devices connected with it. It will take an IP Address for itself ( say & distribute the other IP Addresses (, & so on) to the other connected devices. It will take place randomly.

Assignment of Manually

The users can also set the IP address of their device manually. They can do this only when the device allows this feature. To do this, the user must ensure that their router is configured to have in its IP Range.

Common Problems with

Sometimes the users may face problems with These problems occur when the router automatically assigns this IP Address to a device & the user have already assigned the same IP Address to another device. Here is a list of some common problems. Admin Login

Users must have the details of the wifi admin username & password to access the router admin panel. The users can log in to the admin console by using the steps as given below.

  • Open the browser in the device.
  • Search for HTTP//: in the search bar.

  • The Admin panel will be shown as follows.

  • Enter the login details.

If the users still have any issue in details of the IP Address as listed above then they can contact us. We will try to resolve their issue.

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