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192.168.l.3 is not correctly spelt here. It should be as the IP address having letters will not be considered as valid. This is a Private IP Address. The routers can assign this IP Address to the devices on a local network using DHCP. A router can assign this IP Address to the device on its local network manually & the Admin can also assign this IP Address to a device.

This IP can be randomly assigned by the router to the devices on a local network.

Private IP Address- What Does It Mean?

A Private IP Address can be described as an IP Address which is not connected with the network directly. This type of IP Address connects with the network through a Public IP Address. This procedure provides a safety layer for the devices. The Private IP Addresses are assigned by the routers to the devices connected in a local network.

192.168.l.3 through Automatic Assignment

Devices which have the DHCP  (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Support can get the 192.168.l.3 as IP Address automatically from the router. The router will automatically assign this IP Address to the devices if it is set up for the to range. This automatic assignment will take place in sequential order. For example, the router will give the IP Address to itself & provide other IP Addresses such as, to other devices.

192.168.l.3 through Manual Assignment

The Administrator can also assign 192.168.l.3 as an IP Address to a particular device. This can be done via the Admin console. The administrator will have to use the login credentials to access the admin console & assign this IP Address to the device.

192.168.l.3 Login

The user can Log in to the Admin console of To do this, the user will have to follow the steps as given below.

  • Open the browser in the device.
  • Search for in the search bar.

  • The Admin console page will open now.


  • Log in with the credentials.

The User will be able to access the Admin console by using the simple steps as given here. If the users have any issue in login then they must leave a comment below. We will resolve their issue.

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