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QoS The term QoS (Quality of Service) can be seen as the networks ability to possess maximum bandwidth & control various performance elements of the network like Latency, Error Rate & Uptime. The QoS involves the regulation of the various resources of the network & set limits or priorities for various types of URLs, Files or Data. The… Read More » Login Error The is a Private IP Address which is assigned by the Internet Services Provider (ISP) to the Router in a network. The router further assigns the IP Addresses to the devices which will connect with it. This IP Address will act as the Default Gateway to connect with the internet. In other words, it will act as the… Read More »

Static IP Address

What is an IP Address? The term IP Address can be defined as the address of a device which is using the internet connection. The IP Address ( helps the user to communicate with the internet. These addresses are a logical set of numbers which are unique for every device which connects with the internet. Here we will… Read More »

D-Link Router Setup

D-Link Router Setup Users who wish to use the D-Link router in their Home network should have to set up the router. They will be able to get the internet connectivity from the router only if the router is correctly configured. So the user must check the details of the router set up wizard. This article will help… Read More » Every day we use the internet on our mobile phones, laptops etc. Sometimes we hear a word IP Address. Many of the users don’t know what an IP Address actually is. Sometimes we also see a term as IP Address of our device. This number is a Class C IPv4 IP Address. According to the Internet… Read More » The is one of the most commonly used Private IP Address. This is commonly used by the routers of companies like D-Link, Netgear. The users will be able to connect with the internet by using this Default IP Address. This will act as the Default Gateway for the users to communicate over the network. It can… Read More »


192.168.11 The term as given here can be defined as an IP Address. This is used to communicate over the internet. The IP Address which is given above can be further classified as the Private IP. This is because of that this IP Address is used within a local network. The further classification of this IP Address can… Read More » The is a set of numbers separated by decimals which is also known as the IP Address. This can be seen as the Internet address of the device which is connected with the internet. The IP Address will be used by the devices to send or receive data from or to the internet. This IP Address… Read More » The numbers as written here represents an IP Address. These numbers behave as the internet address for the various devices which connects with the internet. Generally, this IP Address is used within a private network so this is also known as the Private IP Address. We can also classify this IP Address as the IPv4 type… Read More »

What is IPv6 Address?

IPv6 Address Many times we face a term IPv6 while using the internet through wifi or any other source. But it is bitter truth that most of us don’t know what does IPv6 Address exactly means. In simple words, the term IPv6 can be defined as the Internet Protocol Version 6 Address. This is an advancement over the… Read More »