Default Gateway IP Address 192.168.01

By | May 18, 2019

Default Gateway IP Address 192.168.01

The default gateway can be termed as an Intermediate device between your device and the Internet. Normally network layout of your home or office will be Device-> Router -> Internet. So in short, any request from your device will go to the Router and then the router will forward the same to the internet. In the same way only, the response will come back to your device. Hence you can say the router is your Default gateway. In 99% of the home/office network, the router will act as default gateway but there are other devices also which can act as a Default gateway like Modem, Switch, AP (Repeater). As you know in the world of internet, everything is identified using an IP address and hence IP address assigned to default Gateway is called Default Gateway IP Address 192.168.01 of the router.

Default Gateway IP Address 192.168.01

For D-Link and Netgear, normally is default Gateway IP address.  As explained above, the router will be connecting users to the Internet. Normally you would try that if the internet is not working then you restart the router. So basically, the router connects to your ISP also.

Uses of Default Gateway IP Address

The Default Gateway or IP Address can be used for various activities. These activities will include from the list as given below.

  • Admin login.
  • Connectivity with the internet.
  • Internet address of the router.


How to get Default Gateway Details?

The user can find out the details of the default gateway from the device which the user is using. The procedure will depend on the operating system of the device. You can find Default Gateway IP address for below-mentioned Devices.

  1. Windows
  2. Android
  3. iOS
  4. Macbook