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By | May 14, 2019

What is an IP Address?

Every device which uses the internet connection uses an IP Address (say to access information from the internet. The IP Address serves as the address of the device in the world of internet. Every device, website or other entity on the internet also have a specific IP Address (Dynamic IP Address). There are 4 types of the IP Address which are shown below.

  1. Public IP.
  2. Private IP.
  3. Static IP.
  4. Dynamic IP.

Dynamic IP Address

Definition of Dynamic IP Address

As the name defines, the Dynamic IP is a type of IP Address which keeps changing periodically. This type of IP Addresses is assigned with the help of DHCP. The routers in the home or local network assign Dynamic IP Addresses to the device so that when the device disconnects, the IP Address can be assigned to other devices.

Dynamic IP is used in

This type of IP Addresses is mainly used in the following areas. These uses are as per the demands of the users. Some of the uses of Dynamic IPs are as follows.

  • Devices connected to the router in home or local network.
  • While using ethical hacking tech.

Advantages of the Dynamic IP Address

The Dynamic IP Addresses have various advantages over the Static IP. This is the reason why Dynamic IPs are preferred in place of static IPs. They are widely used by users due to the following advantages. Check Static IP vs Dynamic IP.

This is the whole concept of Dynamic IP Addresses. Dynamic IP is very useful for users to communicate with the internet. If there is any other question regarding this, the users can comment below. We will get back to them with the solution of their doubt.

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