How to Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password?

By | April 5, 2019 Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

As we know that the is a Default Gateway or Default IP Address for many routers like Netgear, Dlink, Tenda etc. This IP Address helps the user to access the Admin panel of the router. Through the admin panel, the users can manage various properties of the router. They can also manage the properties of the internet connection.

What is the Difference Between Wifi Admin & Wifi Password?

Usually, the user gets confused between the terms Wifi Admin & Wifi Password. One thing is clear that these are two totally different terms. The Wifi Admin password is used to login to the Admin panel of the router. Whereas, the Wifi Password is used to connect with the Wifi network of the router. To know more about  Difference Between Wifi Admin & Wifi Password, Check this link.

How to Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password?

Sometimes, the user feels the need to change the Wifi admin & Wifi Password due to security reasons. Then the user will have to access Admin Login. Here, we will discuss the process of How to Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password?

Users must check the very easy procedure to change the Wifi Admin & Wifi Password from here.

Procedure to change Wifi Admin password

The user will have to follow the simple steps as given below to change the Wifi Admin Password of the router.

  • The user will have to connect the device with the Wifi Network of the router.
  • Now the user will have to open the browser in the device.
  • Search for in the browser’s search bar.

  • The admin panel login screen will be visible now.

Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password

  • Login with the details.
  • Go to the router settings menu.
  • Click on Security link.
  • Open the Wifi Admin Password.
  • Fill the required details & submit.

Procedure to Change Wifi Password

The user can also change the Wifi password by following the simple procedure details as given below.

  • The Admin login procedure will remain same here. Now proceed to further procedures.
  • Go to the Wifi Settings.
  • Click on Wireless security key.
  • Change the password & submit details.

If the users have any doubt in the procedure given here then they must contact us.

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