How to Update Router Firmware?

By | April 5, 2019

How to Update Router Firmware?

First of all, the user must know about the firmware. The firmware can be defined as the program files of the router which the router use to perform various actions. various manufacturers provide the regular updates of router firmware. This firmware improves the functionality of the router & removes the bugs in the performance of the router. The users should also know How to Update Router Firmware?

To update the router firmware, the user must know about the default gateway ( of the router. To check the default gateway, the user must check the link to Default Gateway IP Address. After getting these details, the user must check the procedure to upgrade the router firmware from here.

Procedure For Router Firmware Upgradation

The users must follow the procedure details as given below for the upgradation of the router firmware.

  • Make the internet connection active on device using LAN cable (Wifi network is not recommended).
  • Now open browser in device.
  • Type http//: or in the search bar & press enter.

  • The Admin login screen will now open.

How to Update Router Firmware?

  • Login with the Admin password. In case the user dont know default password, check Router Default Password List.
  • Open Tools tab in the Admin panel.
  • Check updates of Firmware.
  • Click on Update button.
  • The router will now start upgrading.
  • Now the router will now reboot several times during update.
  • After update, the router will reboot to login screen.

This procedure will help the user to update the router firmware easily. If the users still have any doubt in the update procedure then the users must contact us to get further details.

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