DHCP The term DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. The DHCP can be considered as a management protocol which can dynamically assign IP Address to the device in a local network to communicate with the network. This protocol reduces the efforts of a network administrator to assign IP Address (Say to each device in the network.… Read More »


192.168.l.3 192.168.l.3 is not correctly spelt here. It should be as the IP address having letters will not be considered as valid. This is a Private IP Address. The routers can assign this IP Address to the devices on a local network using DHCP. A router can assign this IP Address to the device on its local… Read More »

Default Gateway IP Address 192.168.01

Default Gateway IP Address 192.168.01 The default gateway can be termed as an Intermediate device between your device and the Internet. Normally network layout of your home or office will be Device-> Router -> Internet. So in short, any request from your device will go to the Router and then the router will forward the same to the… Read More » Login Error The is a Private IP Address which is assigned by the Internet Services Provider (ISP) to the Router in a network. The router further assigns the IP Addresses to the devices which will connect with it. This IP Address will act as the Default Gateway to connect with the internet. In other words, it will act as the… Read More »

What is IP Address?

What is IP Address? Every day we use the internet in our devices. All our devices have the specific IP Address (Say Have you ever tried to know What is IP Address? Well, we will explain the term IP Address here. The IP Address of any device is known as the Internet Protocol Address. The IP Address… Read More »

How to Find Default Gateway in Windows?

What is the Default Gateway? The term Default Gateway means the medium or point through which the device can connect to the Internet Service Provider. This point serves as the Default Gateway for the networked computer or device. Every Wifi Router will provide the users with the Default Gateway (Say to connect with the internet. The users… Read More »

Static IP Address

What is an IP Address? The term IP Address can be defined as the address of a device which is using the internet connection. The IP Address ( helps the user to communicate with the internet. These addresses are a logical set of numbers which are unique for every device which connects with the internet. Here we will… Read More »

Dynamic IP Address

What is an IP Address? Every device which uses the internet connection uses an IP Address (say to access information from the internet. The IP Address serves as the address of the device in the world of internet. Every device, website or other entity on the internet also have a specific IP Address (Dynamic IP Address). There are… Read More »

D-Link Router Setup

D-Link Router Setup Users who wish to use the D-Link router in their Home network should have to set up the router. They will be able to get the internet connectivity from the router only if the router is correctly configured. So the user must check the details of the router set up wizard. This article will help… Read More »

D-Link Default IP Address List

D-Link Default IP Address List Many users have been using D Link routers in their Home or Local networks. They will be familiar with the Default IP Address of their routers. The manufacturers assign their router with the Default IP Address to access admin login. The users will be able to change or modify various settings of the… Read More »