The is a set of numbers separated by decimals which is also known as the IP Address. This can be seen as the Internet address of the device which is connected with the internet. The IP Address will be used by the devices to send or receive data from or to the internet. This IP Address… Read More » As we can see that the numbers which are written above are some sort of IP Address. These numbers provide the details of the Internet Address which a device is using. It can also be taken as the Internet protocol Address of the device in the networking world. The device will be able to send or… Read More » The numbers as written here represents an IP Address. These numbers behave as the internet address for the various devices which connects with the internet. Generally, this IP Address is used within a private network so this is also known as the Private IP Address. We can also classify this IP Address as the IPv4 type… Read More »

Static IP vs Dynamic IP

What does an IP Address Mean? An Ip Address (192.168.01) can be defined as the internet address of a device which is connected with the internet. This address helps the device to communicate with the internet to receive or send information. It can also be defined as a unique number assigned by the Internet Service Provider to the… Read More »

How to Reset Router Settings?

How to Reset Router Settings? The router acts as the Default Gateway for the devices to connect with the internet. It provides the devices with the IP Addresses so that they can connect with the internet to access the various things. These routers have various settings like IP Address, DHCP Client, QoS, IPv4 Settings, IPv6 Settings etc. The… Read More »

What is IPv6 Address?

IPv6 Address Many times we face a term IPv6 while using the internet through wifi or any other source. But it is bitter truth that most of us don’t know what does IPv6 Address exactly means. In simple words, the term IPv6 can be defined as the Internet Protocol Version 6 Address. This is an advancement over the… Read More »

How to Find Default gateway in iPhone?

Default Gateway in iPhone & iPad The iPhone & iPad devices also use the Default Gateway to connect with the internet. These devices will get the internet connection through the default gateway which will be provided by the wifi router. Without the default gateway (say, these devices will not be able to connect with the internet. Internet… Read More »

Router Default Password List as Default IP Address Many router manufacturers like Dlink, Netgear, BenQ etc use as the Default IP Address or Default Gateway for their routers. This IP Address provides the users with access to the admin panel of their routers. The users will have to use the user id & password details to log in to the admin panel.… Read More »

How to Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password? Wifi Admin & Wifi Password As we know that the is a Default Gateway or Default IP Address for many routers like Netgear, Dlink, Tenda etc. This IP Address helps the user to access the Admin panel of the router. Through the admin panel, the users can manage various properties of the router. They can also manage… Read More »

What is IP Address Conflict?

What is an IP Address Conflict? The IP Address Conflict generally occurs when two devices in a home network acquire or have the same IP Address This can be due to the IP Address assignment done by the router in the home network. This can lead to the network connection error in one or both devices having… Read More »