Router Default Password List as Default IP Address Many router manufacturers like Dlink, Netgear, BenQ etc use as the Default IP Address or Default Gateway for their routers. This IP Address provides the users with access to the admin panel of their routers. The users will have to use the user id & password details to log in to the admin panel.… Read More »

How to Change Wifi Admin & Wifi Password? Wifi Admin & Wifi Password As we know that the is a Default Gateway or Default IP Address for many routers like Netgear, Dlink, Tenda etc. This IP Address helps the user to access the Admin panel of the router. Through the admin panel, the users can manage various properties of the router. They can also manage… Read More »

What is IP Address Conflict?

What is an IP Address Conflict? The IP Address Conflict generally occurs when two devices in a home network acquire or have the same IP Address This can be due to the IP Address assignment done by the router in the home network. This can lead to the network connection error in one or both devices having… Read More »

How to Update Router Firmware?

How to Update Router Firmware? First of all, the user must know about the firmware. The firmware can be defined as the program files of the router which the router use to perform various actions. various manufacturers provide the regular updates of router firmware. This firmware improves the functionality of the router & removes the bugs in the… Read More » The term represents an IP Address. The IP Address as given above can be classified as the IPv4 type of IP Address. These IP Addresses are generally seen in the local network. The routers in the local network provide this IP Address to the devices connected within the network. So we can say that this IP… Read More »