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By | May 14, 2019

What is an IP Address?

The term IP Address can be defined as the address of a device which is using the internet connection. The IP Address ( helps the user to communicate with the internet. These addresses are a logical set of numbers which are unique for every device which connects with the internet. Here we will talk about the Static IP Address. So the users must check the article to get details.

There are 4 types of IP Addresses which are as follows.

  1. Private IP Address.
  2. Public IP Address.
  3. Static IP Address.
  4. Dynamic IP Address.

Static IP Address

Static IP Address

The Static IP Addresses can be defined as the IP Address assigned to a device which doesn’t change periodically. This type of IP Address is generally for the routers in the local network & for the websites. The Static IP Addresses can be manually assigned to a device or can be obtained from the ISP.

Why we use Static IP Addresses?

The Static IP Addresses can be useful if the user has to host a website from home or they have a file server in the network. The Static IP Addresses makes it easy for the other users to connect with the Devices like printers etc if the IP of these devices is static in nature.

Disadvantages of Static IP

If the Static IP is useful for the users then it also has various disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages of the Static IP Addresses are as follows.

  • The user will have to assign an IP Address manually to the device & also have to configure the router for this IP Address..
  • User will have to assign an IP Address every time it connects with a new network with different IP ranges. Else they will have to configure the device with DHCP settings. User must check Static IP vs Dynamic IP
  • The security will be at stake if the user uses this type of IP Address.
  • It can also lead to IP Address Conflict.

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