What is IP Address?

By | May 18, 2019

What is IP Address?

Every day we use the internet in our devices. All our devices have the specific IP Address (Say Have you ever tried to know What is IP Address? Well, we will explain the term IP Address here.

The IP Address of any device is known as the Internet Protocol Address. The IP Address is a logical number which is assigned for every device connected to Internet Protocol. This address helps to communicate with internet or network.

What is IP Address?

 Use of IP Addresses

The IP Address of any device is used to provide a unique identity to the device connected with the network. The IP Addresses is used to communicate with the various nodes on the network. The main functions of the IP Addresses are as follows.

  1. Identification of Host or Network.
  2. Location Addressing.

Every device such as mobile, computer, laptop, the router will have a unique IP Address so that they can communicate with other nodes on the network or get information from the Internet.

Different Types of IP Addresses

There are various types of IP Addresses which the devices use to connect with the internet. These IP Addresses are defined by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) & the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The different types of IP Addresses are as follows.

  1. Private IP Addresses.
  2. Public IP Addresses.
  3. Static IP Addresses.
  4. Dynamic IP Addresses.

What are the Private IP Addresses?

The Term Private IP Address is known as the IP Addresses which are reserved for an internal network such as devices connected to the router or devices in the home/business network. These are also reserved for the Network Address Translation Device (NAT).

Here are some ranges of the Private IP Addresses

  1. to
  2. to
  3. to

What are the Public IP Addresses?

The Term Public IP Addresses can be defined as the IP addresses which are received by the router from the Internet Services Provider (ISP). This is also known as the globally unique IP Addresses assigned for any device connected to the network.

Difference Between Public IP Address & Private IP Addresses

The users should also check the difference between the Public & private IP Addresses.

Public IP Addresses Private IP Addresses
IP Addresses assigned to a device to get direct access over the internet The IP addresses assigned by the router to every host device such as computers connected to a router in a business network
Provided by the Internet Services Provider (ISP) Assigned by the router for every device connected with it

IP Versions ie IPv4 & IPv6

There are two versions of the IP Addresses. These are made by the IANA authority due to the depletion of the IP Addresses. The details of these versions are as follows.

IPv4– These addresses are 32-bit numbers which are generally represented in the decimal form. These numbers have two parts ie network prefix & Host number. These addresses are assigned by the router to the host devices.

IPv6– These addresses are 128-bit numbers which are generally represented in the 8 groups of 4 hexadecimal digits by a colon. These addresses are also assigned by the router to the host devices.

These versions are also managed by the IANA authority due to the increasing number of users & devices.

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