What is IPv6 Address?

By | April 5, 2019

IPv6 Address

Many times we face a term IPv6 while using the internet through wifi or any other source. But it is bitter truth that most of us don’t know what does IPv6 Address exactly means. In simple words, the term IPv6 can be defined as the Internet Protocol Version 6 Address. This is an advancement over the IPv4 Address. Here we will talk about the details of the IPv6 Address in detail.

What is IPv6 Address?

The Internet Protocol Version 6 Address is an address which is used to denote a network interface which is in IPv6 Network. This type of address came into existence as an advancement over the IPv4 network due to the decreasing IP Address space in the IPv4. The IPv6 address is an alphanumerical label which is used to identify a device in the network. This is denoted in hexadecimal.

What is IPv6 Address?

Types of Internet Protocol Version 6 Addresses

There are mainly 3 types of 6th protocol version Addresses as given below.

  • Unicast Address.
  • Multicast Address.
  • Anycast Address.

These types of IP Addresses differ in the method of data processing between the user & the internet. We will get back to you with more details.

IP Address Format

The 6th version IP Address format consists of 2 parts which are as follows.

  • Prefix.
  • Interface ID.


The 6th Version protocol IP Addresses are generally represented in Hexadecimal. These IP Addresses consist of Alphanumerical characters. Through this type of Representation, the IP Address Space increases up to 2 raised to the power 128.

An example of the 6th version IP Address is given below.


In this IP Address, it consists of 32 characters having 8 groups of 4 hexadecimal digits. This method of denotation of IP Addresses provides an enlarged address space. If the users want to know something else about IPv6 then they must leave a comment below to ask their questions. We will get back to the students with the solutions to their queries.

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